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BOSS 7'6" HTX Stainless Steel Straight Blade Plow

Item #: B76HTXSS
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Manufacturer: BOSS Snowplow
The HTX plow RESTORES ORDER with the same features and power of BOSS full-size straight-blade plows, built specifically for half-ton trucks. With business owners and homeowners in mind, the HTX line offers a strong, durable push frame and quadrant to clean up driveways and small business parking lots with a light-duty vehicle. When you need to RESTORE ORDER with your lighter-duty truck, BOSS is always there to BACK YOU UP.
  • Variety of Blade Materials choose from mild steel, stainless steel or poly.
  • Reinforced Moldboard Diagonal cross-bracing and formed bottom channel increase blade rigidity.
  • Full Moldboard Trip Design The entire blade trips forward when obstacles are encountered to protect the truck and plow from damage.
  • Smartlock Cylinders lock blades in place when backdragging.

Attachment System SmartHitch 2
Blade Height 26" (66 cm)
Blade Thickness 14-ga (0.19 cm) Stainless Steel
Blade Width (Curb Guard Width) 90" (229 cm)
Cutting Edge 0.25" x 6"
Lift Cylinder 1.75" x 1.125" x 10"
Lighting SL3 L.E.D. with Ice Shield Technology
Plow Shoes Optional
Plowing Width @ 30° Angle 78" (185 cm)
Reinforcement Ribs 6 vertical, 2 diagonal
Trip Springs 2
Weight 440 lb (200 kg)
BOSS 7'6 BOSS 7'6 BOSS 7'6