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BOSS 5'6" ATV V-Plow

Item #: B56ATV
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Manufacturer: BOSS Snowplow
Along with the durability, toughness and reliability you expect from BOSS full-size plows, ATV plows feature exceptional maneuverability for hard-to-reach places and tough terrain. The fully hydraulic system delivers maximum efficiency with no winches, chains or pulleys. Available in both straight-blade and V-plow options, BOSS ATV plows offer easy to use controls to help you RESTORE ORDER in tough winter conditions.
  • High-Blade Lift with 30 degree lift height made for superior snow-stacking.
  • Exceptional Ground Clearance low profile undercarriage design will allow your unit to remain trail compatible when the plow is not attached.
  • Fully Hydraulic ATV Plow increase speed and efficiency with the high-performance hydraulic package.
  • Handlebar Controller easy to mount and conveniently accessible on the handle bar of the ATV.

Available Documents

BOSS ATV/UTV Equipment 2018
Blade Width (Straight) 60"
Plowing Width @ 30 Degree Angle 52"
Blade Height 18.375 inside to 23.1875 outside (47 cm to 59 cm)
Blade Material 14 gauge steel
Trip Return Springs 2
Cutting Edge 0.25" x 4" (0.64 cm x 10 cm)
Undercarriage Low Profile (Trail Compatible)
Plow Lifting Hydraulic
Plow Angling Hydraulic
Hydraulic Package High Performance (Comes off with Plow)
Attachment System Quick Attach
Paint Finish SmartShield
Controller Switch Box
Weight Complete 245 lb. (111 kg)
Tripping Mechanism Full-Blade Trip Design
Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty
BOSS 5'6 BOSS 5'6 BOSS 5'6