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The Boss 14' Loader Box Plow

Item #: LDR-14
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Manufacturer: The Boss

Innovative features and toughness are trademarks of BOSS - the LDR and BH Box Plows are no exception. Each model is designed to attach to most backhoes or wheel loaders thanks to unique universal bucket attachment systems. The LDR models feature adjustable forks which easily accommodate most loader bucket designs. Each of these models feature segmented trip cutting edges, articulating wings and floating hitch systems - all which work together to reduce salt usage, increase efficiency, reduce downtime and help boost your bottom line

Width 14'
Approx. Weight 3190 lbs.
Moldboard Height 49"
Base Angle 1/2" x 8"
Replacement Cutting Edge 1/2" x 8" x 27-1/8"
Trip Design Trip-Edge
Sideplate Dimensions 40" x 58-1/2"
Sideplate Thickness 3/8"
Sideplate Leveling Automatic
Vertical Supports 15
Horizontal Supports 3 Upper Pans / 3 Lower Pans
Attachment Strategy Universal (ADJ) Bucket Receiver, 3" Opening Binder Chain (Customer Supplied)
Vertical Hitch Float Automatic - 9-7/8" Vertical
Wing Shoes(Material) Standard AR 450
The Boss 14' Loader Box Plow The Boss 14' Loader Box Plow The Boss 14' Loader Box Plow The Boss 14' Loader Box Plow