General Welding & Fabricating Inc. Trailer Inventory.

Campfire Ring Rotating Grate, Stainless Steel

Item #: GWFR-RG-SS
Price: $350.00
Manufacturer: General Welding and Fabricating

An Accessory for the Fire Ring, this solid steel contruction rotating grate will turn your firepit into a Grill or a table!  The Rotating Grate is able to spin 360 degrees and raise and lower, so when your ready to cook, spin the grate off the fire and set your food on.  Rotate it back over the fire and adjust it to the proper height.  When your all set, spin it back and serve! 

Later on you can use it for a tray table to hold S'mores and Drinks!


Available Documents

Fire Ring Brochure
Campfire Ring Rotating Grate, Stainless Steel