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Campfire Ring, Mild Steel

Price: $110.00
Manufacturer: General Welding and Fabricating

The Campfire Ring is a great additon to any home or patio.  We also offer a wide variety of custom accessories for our Campfire Ring System so you can tailor it to fit your specific needs.  The Fire Rings come in either Raw Steel, Heat Painted (Black 1000* Heat Paint), or Stainless Steel, with 4 Standard Designs in each: USA & Stars, Deer & Trees, Moon & Stars, and Fishhook and Bobber.  


We can also create fully custom fire rings that can be built to any specifications you would like (Size, Design, Material, Thickness, etc.) 



3/16" Steel Plate Construction

Diameter: 30"

Height: 10"

Weight: 58lbs. Complete

Available Documents

Fire Ring Brochure
Campfire Ring, Mild Steel Campfire Ring, Mild Steel Campfire Ring, Mild Steel