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The Boss 8' Skid-Steer Box Plow

Item #: SK-8
Call for Pricing
Manufacturer: The Boss

BOSS SK Box Plows are designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use. They feature a universal coupler system that attaches to most skid steer attachment systems. The floating hitch and pivot system keeps the cutting edge in contact with the pavement regardless of the contour. The time-tested BOSS TripEdge System helps reduce impact force on the machine, plow and operator.

Width 8'4
Approx Weight 900 lbs.
Moldboard Height 30"
Base Angle 1/2" x 6" x 3-1/2"
Replacement Cutting Edge 6"
Trip Design Trip-Edge
Trip Springs 4
Sideplate Dimensions 30-3/4" x 38"
Sideplate Thickness 1/4"
Sideplate Leveling Automatic
Vertical Supports 6
Horizontal Supports 1 Upper Pan / 3 Lower Pans
Attachment Strategy Universal Coupler
Vertical Hitch Float Automatic
Wing Shoes(Material) Standard AR 450
The Boss 8' Skid-Steer Box Plow The Boss 8' Skid-Steer Box Plow