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The Boss 7'6" Steel Power-V XT Plow

Item #: B76VXT
Call for Pricing
Manufacturer: The Boss

Built to perform and boasting flared blade wings with an enhanced curl, the BOSS XT throws snow higher and farther than traditional plows to keep you plowing at the top of your game. The super-slick polyethylene surface of the Poly XT keeps snow from sticking, saving you time while improving your bottom line. The long-lasting steel plows feature a baked-on powder-coat paint finish with exclusive zinc primer to resist corrosion and outlast the elements.

Blade Width (Straight) 90"
Plowing Width (V Position) 81"
Plowing Width (Scoop) 74"
Plowing Width @ 30 degree Angle 77"
Blade Height 36" at End, 30" at Center
Blade Thickness 14 ga Steel
Cutting Edge 1/2" x 6"
Reinforcement Ribs 6 Vertical, 2 Diagonal
Diagonal Cross Bracing Yes
Plow Shoes Optional
Trip Springs 4
SmartLock Cylinders 1-3/4" x 10"
Lift Cylinder 2" x 1-1/8" x 10"
Attachment System SmartHitch 2
Plow Weight 713 lbs
Plow Lights SmartLight 2
The Boss 7'6 The Boss 7'6 The Boss 7'6 The Boss 7'6